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We are the Creative Educative Club

Kreativni Educativni Club offers your child the best and most  competitvelly priced after school programs, 
Kryptonite English Club, is our base club, it is an active English lesson combining sports, games and learning English all at your childs school, we aim to provide your child with the best English course currently available with our own materials. Our teachers are trained and experienced educators, on average our lessons are devided in two segments one part in the classroom where we learn new and exciting vocabulary while reinforcing the official school curriculum.
Kryptonite Lego Club is based on the universally approved Lego Education program. Problem solving will become a second nature for your child, teamwork creativity and science will push your child to become a proud memeber of the next generation of leaders. All this with your childs favorite KEC-teacher
Kryptonite Art Club is focussed on the personal development of your child in an hollistic aproach, a moment in time focussed on his or her creative abilities, ecology, recycling, with enouph time for self reflection will make your child stronger and focussed in his adult life.  All this with your childs  favorite KEC-teacher
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