Kryptonite English Club - Base Package

★★★ 1 Full hour of English Lessons per Week ★★★


Kryptonite English Club. Ages 5+, Girls and Boys.

This is an 1 hour a week program for 16 weeks (5 months).

Our curriculum is designed to teach core language components that are essential to reading, speaking and understanding English through engaging teaching technics. All taught by a Native Speaking teacher. It's learning English with Fun, Games, Music, and so much more.


NOTE: KEC English Club enrollment is bases for both Art & Lego Club.


NOTE: To enroll more than one child, complete one registration of a child, click 'Add to Cart' then 'View Cart'. Then click 'Continue Shopping' or return to 'ALL SCHOOLS' and repeat the process for the second child.

ZŠ Chodovická / BRONZE / Grade:9

  • At KEC English Club Each, your child will receive :

    -1 fun exercise book.

    -1 hour lesson per week at their school.

    -16 weeks of fun consistent lessons .

    -Weekly mini flash cards to keep and practice.

    Every week your child will consistently learn:

    -5 min. of vital pronouns through flash cards.

    -20 min. lesson on the of the week's theme.

    -5 min. of 'vocab' building.

    -5 min. of our popular 'Time to Combine'.

    -15 min. of an interactive English game.

    -That English is easy and fun to learn.


    All taught by a Native English Speaker and conveniently located at your child's school.


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